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Red Factor Canaries

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Red Factor Canary

Scientific Name:
The scientific name for red factor canaries is Serinus canaria forma domestica. These birds were created by breeding a yellow domestic canary with a red siskin.

Physical Characteristics:
Red factor canaries are small to medium-sized birds.
They have striking red feathers that range from deep crimson to bright orange hues.
Their bodies are compact and rounded, with a short, stout beak.

Red factor canaries are primarily kept as pets by bird enthusiasts and those who enjoy exhibiting birds.
They thrive in captivity and are resilient, making them easy to care for.
However, they are not commonly found in the wild; their habitat is mainly in domestic and aviary settings.

These canaries are active and lively birds.
Although they are not specifically bred for their singing abilities, they still produce pleasing sounds.
Red factor canaries are popular among individuals who want to showcase their colorful pets at bird shows or have them as companions.

The average lifespan of a red factor canary is approximately 5 to 10 years, depending on their care and environment.
Remember, these birds require a special diet to maintain their vibrant red or orange color, known as "color feeding". If you choose to keep one, enjoy their beauty and cheerful presence!