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Goffins Cockatoo

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Goffins Cockatoo

Scientific Name: Goffins Cockatoo is scientifically known as Cacatua goffiniana.

Physical Characteristics: Goffins Cockatoos are one of the smaller species of Cockatoos, measuring around 12 inches in length and weighing approximately 300 grams. They have predominantly white feathers, with salmon-colored feathers around their eyes and beak.

Habitat: Goffin Cockatoos are native to the Banda Sea Islands of Yamdena and Larat in Indonesia. They primarily inhabit forests and agricultural land, where they feed on crop plants and roost in the forest.

Behavior: Goffins cockatoos exhibit sociable, affectionate, and lively characteristics. They possess intelligence and can be trained to perform tricks. Additionally, they are known for their mischievous tendencies and ability to display dramatic behaviors. These cockatoos have a reputation for being curious, playful, and highly active.

Lifespan: Goffin Cockatoos can live up to 40 years in captivity with proper care.