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Galah ‘Rose-Breasted’ Cockatoo

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Galah ‘Rose-Breasted’ Cockatoo

Scientific Name: The scientific name for the Galah rose breasted cockatoo is Eolophus roseicapilla.

Physical Characteristics: The Galah rose breasted cockatoo is a medium-sized bird, growing up to 14 inches in length and weighing around 300-400g on average. They have pale silver to grey feathers on their back and a pale grey rump. Their face and breast are pink, and they have a light pink crest. They have a bone-colored beak, and the bare skin around their eyes is carunculated.

Habitat: The Galah rose breasted cockatoo is native to Australia and can be found in open grasslands across the country. They are adaptable birds and can thrive in various open habitats as long as there are scattered trees for shelter.

Behavior: Galah rose breasted cockatoos are social birds that gather in large groups, often consisting of up to 1000 individuals. These groups are made up of pairs and smaller social groups that come together to feed and rest. Before sleeping, they may perform stunts such as flying rapidly through trees, diving to the ground, and making loud calls.

Lifespan: When kept in captivity, Galah rose breasted cockatoos can live for around 70 years with proper care and a suitable environment.