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Lady Gouldian Finches

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Lady Gouldian Finch

Scientific Name: The scientific name assigned to Lady Gouldian finches is Erythrura gouldiae.

Physical Characteristics: Lady Gouldian finches are indeed small birds, typically measuring around 5.5-6 inches in length and weighing roughly half an ounce. They are renowned for their vibrant and diverse array of colors, which include black, green, yellow, and red markings. The males are more brightly colored than the females, with the male's chest displaying a purple hue, while the female's chest is a lighter mauve shade.

Habitat: Lady Gouldian finches are native to Australia and are primarily found in the grasslands. They inhabit humid forest regions in the northern parts of Australia. In their natural habitat, they can be observed living in family groups or large flocks due to their sociable nature.

Behavior: Lady Gouldian finches are playful and curious birds, often engaging in entertaining antics. They are highly active creatures that thrive on love and attention from their human caretakers. These finches enjoy interacting with both people and other birds, and they may even perform tricks or pranks to entertain their audience.

Lifespan: When kept in captivity, Lady Gouldian finches typically have a lifespan ranging from 6 to 8 years.